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Hardly half of skillful and acknowledged experts in technical disciplines can share their knowledge and experience with others, and explain why some of consistencies work in some cases, and the other time are completely useless. Our registered tutors understand how to work with customers and how to meet their expectations. Online tutors at are specially educated and trained experts who really enjoy sharing their expertise with others.

If complex numbers drive you crazy... if you are seek and tired of calculating various statistics probabilities...if you don't even know how to write all those physics formulas correctly and have a lot of other difficulties with technical assignments, our experts will answer all of your questions with ease and will provide thorough explanations about why they have chosen particular approaches.

So, let us explain how our online tutoring service works.

  1. You put type in your question that deals with the discipline you are working in (either free, or paid – it depends on its complexity level).
  2. Choose an expert you would like to cooperate with.
  3. Discuss your problem with him or her and receive a solution.

Main Disciplines to Get Help from Our Online Tutors

MATH – percentages, decimals, puzzles, equations, decimals, roots and radicals, quadratic formula, rational exponents, etc.

CHEMISTRY – atomic weights, calorimetry, molarity, reactions, thermochemistry, oxidation, pressure conversion, and so on.

STATISTICS – distribution questions, probability solutions, normal probabilities, intervals, regression analysis, and many other problems.

ALGEBRA – linear equations, functions evaluation, simplification of algebraic expressions, exponents, combinatorics, conic sections, etc.

PHYSICS – kinematic graphs and equations, thermodynamics, conservation laws, waves, optics, electricity, and magnetism.

CALCULUS – function continuity, graphing, chain rule, integral calculus, partial derivatives, integrals, etc.

BUSINESS – modeling, technology and communications, internal business models, coaching, and others.

PROGRAMMING – programs, functions, calculators, converters, counters, code elements, linear programming, design, and so on.

ECONOMICS – externalities, monopoly, prices, irrational moods, inflation, payments balance, debts, financial disasters, etc.

GEOMETRY – coordinates, figures, angles, circles and triangles, motion modeling, 2D and 3D objects, volumes calculating, equations sorting, and many other questions.

ENGINEERING – building structures, hydrology, transportation, foundations, etc.

HISTORY – wars, revolutions, personalities, chronology, myths, countries, battles, and so on. provides expert help with the main, popular disciplines. However, if you can't find a needed subject to order an assignment, you can specify it in a separate field and we will find a specialist to solve your problem. Academic programs differ from university to university, so we try to meet the requirements and expectations of students of all faculties and departments.

Several Words about Our Online Tutors

All of our online tutors possess appropriate educational degrees (we hire Master's and Ph.D level holders only), certifications, and tutoring experience. Even if they are new to our service, they worked for many years in a professional sphere before. Some of them possess special patents and can present links to their publications (if requested). We at carefully check these documents to guarantee a high level of provided services.

Experience. Good practical skills and talent to explain difficult questions to others is a requirement for our experts, otherwise they won't be able to work successfully at our company.

Around the clock avilability. By working on a freelance basis, our experts can answer your questions at any time you need them to be answered. Since we work in various time zones, our customers can get immediate solutions and explanations.

Interest in their work. By solving customers' requests, our online tutors don't only earn their ratings, but also improve their level of knowledge and extend their expertise. They are truly interested in solving the most complicated equations and functions.

Online Tutoring Service: Advantages

By using you will be provided with a range of benefits that will make your cooperation with our service and our experts more productive.

  • You don't only get ready made assignments - you receive its solution with a thorough explanation and consequently improve your knowledge and understanding of a subject.
  • The most demanding assignments will be solved. Don't worry if you can't solve a really difficult homework assignment - our experts will help you. By seeing the assignment, only the most qualified and interested in your project experts place their bids.
  • Variety of disciplines. You've already seen the list of disciplines and spheres to ask questions within. We are constantly working on extending the list of available spheres and hiring experts in different subjects – both technical and humanitarian.
  • Any crazy graph, diagram, table, chart, and so on will be done for you. Along with answering your questions, our experts will provide you with proper explanations and examples, so you can understand them and retell your instructor about them in your own words.
  • Instant connection with tutors. Live communication between an online tutor and a client is a deal of primary concern to us, as we strongly believe that understanding comes through communication only. You won't achieve academic success getting a ready-made assignment.
  • Anonymous questions. By applying for help from our service, you can be completely sure in the privacy of your personal information. No one will find out how you solved your technical assignment.
  • Fair prices. We understand that sometimes it is enough to receive a hint to make sure you are moving in the right direction. Therefore, you can always count on “Yes/No” answers from our tutors for free.

We presented the most attractive features our customers are interested in. Check out our blog to find out more information about our offers, new features, and updates. You can also contact our support service anytime needed to get to know how our service works and get answers to any of your questions.

In their turn, our tutors will help you understand your homework projects, get you ready for tests and examinations, and to master technical materials you have difficulties with. Don't hesitate to contact us anytime and get fast responses from our experts. Get rid of your academic problems with our qualified tutors.

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